Game changer: a student-centred approach to orientation, transition and safety through gamification

The ESOS legislative framework requires registered providers to support students to adjust to study and life in Australia. Orientation is a key requirement, but traditional delivery methods have become less effective in meeting contemporary learning needs. In this e-poster Education Queensland International shares its experiences in developing a mobile app for high school-aged students that meets both regulatory requirements and increases student engagement and understanding of orientation content. 

This e-poster will provide insights from a collaborative research process in which regulatory and student liaison officers, long-term students and education agents were consulted to determine student information and learning needs, particularly in mitigating ‘culture shock’, minimising risks and achieving a faster transition to university life and study.

Digital methodology, content design and the use of avatars, video and game elements will be covered along with the integration of analytics to capture student engagement and completion data to inform future developments.


As part of this e-poster you will receive a toolkit (useful for both institutions and individuals) to:

* solve the issue of having students across all sectors actively engage in life outside of the classroom

* shift the forms of negative and non-engagement to positive engagement

* identify and utilise appropriate technologies to enhance the student experience

* develop strategies for applying the framework to any student cohort regardless of resources and budgets. 

You will also be presented with the academic sources that contributed to the development of the gamified engagement program.

Mrs Lena Mete

Manager, Marketing and Communications

Education Queensland International

Lena Mete is a marketing and brand strategist with extensive experience in driving sales and marketing strategies to attract and maintain customers, build solid corporate brands and enhance marketability through digital and print marketing tools and effective messaging. Having worked in large and diverse organisations across cultural boundaries in the university, TAFE and school sectors, Lena demonstrates outstanding communication, negotiation and leadership skills. She is a strong advocate of adopting digital technologies to enhance program promotion, student support services and experiences. At present she holds the position of Manager, Marketing and Communications, with Education Queensland International.