Gamifying the international student experience through CET’s Student Engagement Program

This e-poster will provide insight into the guiding principles of ‘engagement’ that have contributed to the development of the CET Student Engagement Program. These principles have provided a framework for a gamified engagement program for university pathway and ELICOS students outside of the classroom. To create an engaging environment that encourages students in educational and social progress, CET’s proactive, data-driven and evidence-based system accurately measures and tracks student participation in a suite of free activities that meet their various interests within three main learning communities (co-curricular, social and online). Activities are attributed points based on the mode of engagement, and the points are required to unlock levels and earn rewards within the program. Students are empowered to take responsibility for their own experiences by tracking and monitoring their engagement both retrospectively and predictively. The theories of gamification and student engagement interact with the quantitative and qualitative data to inform a robust program that raises students’ metacognitive awareness about their actions, motivation and skills. 

As part of this e-poster you will receive a toolkit (useful for both institutions and individuals) to:

* solve the issue of having students across all sectors actively engage in life outside of the classroom

* shift the forms of negative and non-engagement to positive engagement

* identify and utilise appropriate technologies to enhance the student experience

* develop strategies for applying the framework to any student cohort regardless of resources and budgets. 

You will also be presented with the academic sources that contributed to the development of the gamified engagement program.

Mr Robert Chasse

Education Manager Services

The University of Sydney

Robert Chasse is the Education Manager Services at The University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching (CET). He holds qualifications in linguistics, public relations and business management from both Australian and American universities. He has more than 10 years of experience as a teacher, academic manager and academic director in both ELICOS and higher education sectors. In his present position, Robert combines management and leadership skills with education and operational expertise to help ensure the quality delivery of CET programs in the areas of teaching and learning operations, student experience, testing services, public relations and professional development. Through a proactive, data-driven and evidence-based approach, Robert continually seeks how to use new technologies in research and practice to develop a meaningful engagement portfolio for international students. He is committed to providing an engaged international experience that supports students in achieving academic success and defy acculturative stress.