(Away from) Home alone

As annual increases in international student commencements continue to outstrip forecasts, Australian universities have an opportunity to be leaders in truly embracing diversity among students. This would be not only in terms of pedagogical approaches, but also (and arguably as important) in students’ living experiences. This 2017 research project involved qualitative and quantitative research conducted among domestic and international students in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. It looked specifically at the common denominators and key differences in students’ needs and perceptions of accommodation. It explored not only the role accommodation plays in a student’s choice of institution, but the impact it has on their satisfaction with their overall student experience.

In this e-poster you will have access to direct feedback from international students on the role that accommodation played in determining which institution they applied to, what information they looked for, and how to communicate effectively with them. You will also learn about the role accommodation plays in driving student satisfaction, how this influences a student’s overall study experience, and what types of students prefer which types of accommodation. You will be able to directly apply this information to your international marketing strategy, student accommodation strategy, overall marketing materials and support services.

Mr Fraser Cargill

Senior Consultant