Effective transnational teaching and learning in Vietnam? The voices of postgraduate students and academics

This presentation forms part of a postgraduate case study investigating two Australian transnational masters programs taught in Vietnam. It will focus on the characteristics of effective transnational teaching in postgraduate programs based on the experiences and perspectives of students and academic staff. Data collected via focus group interviews with postgraduate Vietnamese students and individual interviews with lecturers will be shared. The aim of this research was to identify those characteristics that enhance transnational academics’ knowledge, skills and capacities to successfully teach postgraduate students in Vietnam. Developing an awareness and understanding of postgraduate students’ perceptions and experiences in participating in these masters programs will enhance the quality of future transnational learning and teaching in Australia and Vietnam. A set of recommendations emanating from this research can be used to assist Australian transnational institutions in better preparing their academic staff/lecturers to teach transnationally in Vietnam.

By attending this session you will learn about the perceptions and experiences of transnational students and lecturers engaged in learning and teaching in Vietnam. You will also learn about how academic staff reflect on their transnational work in Asia and in Vietnam in particular. Learning and discussion will focus on how Australian transnational institutions can better prepare their academic staff to teach more effectively in Vietnam and Asia.

Ms Annie (Thi My Dung) Truong

Postgraduate student

Victoria University

Annie (Thi My Dung) Truong is a doctoral student of the College of Arts and Education at Victoria University, Australia. Her PhD topic concerns transnational higher education between Australia and Vietnam. She did her first degree in teacher education in Vietnam and her master’s degree in educational leadership in New Zealand. She taught at a Vietnamese university for a few years and then worked as a Research and Project Officer at the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation Regional Training Centre in Vietnam. Annie is interested in conducting educational research in Asia and in Vietnam in particular. She hopes to promote the quality of education in this region. She is also inspired by how cultural differences influence education.