‘The Belt and Road’ promotes new approaches to transnational education for Chinese VET institutions

The Belt and Road initiative, proposed by the Chinese Government in 2013, aims to establish regional economic cooperation. It is driving Chinese enterprises abroad and attracting foreign enterprises to China. Transnational enterprises are springing up in the targeted regions, which brings about new opportunities and challenges for internationalising Chinese VET. Chinese VET institutions are exploring collaboration with transnational enterprises through the models of ‘order’ training and foreign-aid training. These cooperative models are opening a window for VET internationalisation. Up to now, these models have achieved initial positive outcomes. Focusing on Chinese VET internationalisation, this e-poster will investigate the models. It will analyse by reference and case study whether the approach of VET institutions collaborating with transnational enterprises contributes to embedding international and cross-cultural perspectives within courses and sustainable internationalisation of VET.

From this e-poster you can learn about the development of Chinese VET international cooperation,  operation of the models of ‘order’ training and foreign-aid training, and views about the development prospects of the models. It may also inspire you to further explore partnerships between enterprises and VET, reflect on innovations of VET courses to prepare for VET  internationalisation, and to seek new approaches for VET transnational cooperation. 

Ms Xia Tao

Associate Professor/Teacher

Shijiazhuang University of Applied Technology

As an enthusiastic educator, Xia Tao is now working at Shijiazhuang University of Applied Technology. She is experienced in transnational research and is particularly interested in research on transnational education, adult education and business English. She has published more than 20 papers in journals and completed three projects on internationalisation of education. As an editor, she contributed to the book ‘Internationalization in Vocational Educational and Training – Transnational Perspectives’.