Beyond the prospect: mapping and integrating end-to-end global student experience

The international higher education sector is highly competitive. Pre-existing regulatory notions are being challenged and new entrants, unencumbered by legacy, are redefining the student experience. The sector needs to react quickly to differentiate and deliver excellent student experiences.

Creating a shared understanding of prospective students is crucial to how we design and deliver better experiences. This e-poster will provide lessons from the front line on how to design the end-to-end customer experience for international students. RMIT has managed to bring together the brand and student experience for a unique offering. It focuses on priority segments across Melbourne, Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong, and provides the foundation to shape a whole-of-RMIT perspective.

The insights provided by this e-poster will include:

* Circumstance, location and reason for study are variables that may unify a prospective student experience.

* Family and social connections exert a strong (but indirect) influence on the decision-making process for prospective students.

* The country you are from can have a strong influence on what you look for when researching and choosing a university.

* Course offers on price, reputation and location play an important role in prospective student decision-making on where to study.

* School-leavers are usually focused on completing school, which makes it difficult to plan university.

* The prospective student journey is characterised by subtle influences, more than pain and delight points.

Mr Matthew Lee

Chief Marketing Officer

RMIT University

Matthew is the Chief Marketing Officer at RMIT University, with responsibility for international and domestic student recruitment, market intelligence and analytics, global brand and marketing, digital innovation and customer experience. He previously held positions as Chief Marketing Officer at La Trobe University and Head of Marketing – Asia Pacific for Mercer. Matthew is working across RMIT to align the brand promise, the end-to-end student experience and the digital strategy. He has developed and implemented a range of market entry strategies across the Asia-Pacific, such as deploying a range of financial services products into the Korean market, introducing the Mercer Kiwisaver product into the New Zealand market in collaboration with Kiwibank, and introducing new retirement savings products into the Hong Kong market. Matthew has an MBA from RMIT, Bachelor of Arts from The University of Melbourne, and Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from Bond University.